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In this ever-changing and growing field of web development, we have really observed the difference between our firm and others. All web development firms are different and many are talented so we always love to give credit where credit is due! There is enough business out there for all of us!


What is frustrating, however, is when we are presenting to a potential client and we hear of how other competitors are giving away web design for incredibly low prices. If you are a true developer or designer, you know what kind of work goes into developing an effective SEO ready and compliant website. So, with that said, just because you use templates, does not make you a programmer or developer. And the sad part about that is, when web development companies make their "program" sound cheaper than ours. The difference is, our price is upfront, no hidden fees and no a-la-carte add-ons.


You might start at a small figure but by the time you add components or "modules" for the simplest of tasks, you might find yourself paying a pretty penny for your website.


A good website will have the following attributes:


  • Great aesthetics. After all, you are there to represent yourself or your company right? Pretty DOES matter!
  • SEO effective and compliant coding. Your site was not developed for it to sit in space and just look pretty. It was developed to attract potential clients and educate the public of what you are offering or selling. 
  • User-friendly navigation. If they get lost, you will get lost in their minds as well. They will move on and your page retention rate will be bouncier than the Easter Bunny! 
  • Education! It takes time and time is what matters to Google. If you are not educating the public about your product or services and really describing your company, your validity rate and ranking in major search engine's eyes will be less than favorable.
  • BLOG! Talk to your audience and engage with them... It works! 
  • Separate your company from your competitors! We are bombarded with information these days in the digital world. Constantly having data thrown in our faces, either by Facebook, news outlets, radio.. It's quite noisy out there. Make your data that you are dispersing COUNT!
  • Mobile compliant websites.. Does your website "stretch" to fit the screen nicely or are you having to scroll and maneuver just to see the website on other mobile devices?


All of our websites are developed with the aforementioned top of mind. That is the ONLY way your website will be a tool and a business strength for your company or product. 


Giving people too many options is confusing. It is what it is and a good website doesn't require add-ons. Those add-ons are already imperative for a successful web presence. 




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The looming reality about Phone Book Advertising...

 This last week, we were in a great meeting with a new client who asked us the question of whether or not his firm should continue to invest $16,000 a month in phonebook advertising?

 My marketing director, Samantha and I sat calm and collected. We did our best to avoid our sometimes "turrets-like" behavior upon being startled with such insane information. Do you know what we could do for $16,000 a month?!? 


Before I get into my opinion about phonebook advertising, I will say that YellowBook did a fabulous job of being an imperative provider of information for decades and decades. They were the "go-to" for all information regarding business listings and therefore, could justify the cost of advertising for businesses. 


Social media, technology and the fact that land lines are becoming equally as scarce, have changed the aggressive advancement of sharing knowledge and information. Not to mention our environment is going GREEN to help save our beautiful earth. Who doesn't love that in itself? 


Therefore, those bright yellow bricks of paper have a future that is kind of... sad. 


If you have a multitude of yellow books stacking up outside your door, we have come up with some helpful uses for your phonebooks:


  • Bird cage liners
  • Puppy training
  • Fire starters (Please use with caution) 
  • Paper mache
  • Moving and wrapping glassware
  • High chairs and booster seats

That's all for now... 


In the meantime, please remember that as much as some people do not like change and don't want to face the inevitable advancement of technology, it rules our lives. If it doesn't rule yours yet, it soon will. 


The phonebook has been replaced by Google and smartphones. We are an instant-gratification society and we want it NOW. We are even somewhat lazy as we ask even more from our smartphones and we want them to TELL us. No more looking up anything that takes more than a few seconds to find. 


In our opinion, it is wise to invest your money in GREAT SEO-Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing. Re-targeting and making your website the portal for all information relative to your product or service. 


Regarding the instant-gratification society that we live in, please remember that if the consumer doesn't find what they are looking for and QUICK, you may lose them for good. 


So for years we let our fingers do the walking........ They are still doing the walking but now there are no pages to flip, no paper waste and you find what you need NOW. 


Merry Christmas from NV Design & Marketing! 




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Website versus Facebook Page

Good morning Facebook friends!


In many of our recent meetings, we are getting asked a somewhat universal question.


Why do I need a website if I have a Facebook business page?


Our response is simple. You must have a website if you are a business.




Because the days of looking businesses up in the phonebook are headed to extinction. When was the last time you opened up a phonebook? I feel bad for my friends who sell phonebook advertising because, mark my words...... In a few years, they won't be in print any longer.


Google is the new "Go-To!"... Bottom line.


We have become a predictable species who want it NOW! And NOW is when we get it when it comes to information, an address or how to get there.


Our smartphones have taken convenience to a whole new level and with your new informational directory being Google and other search engines, you must have a presence on the internet.


If a searching consumer looks up your services to find a business like yours, they will not find your Facebook page. They will find your competitor's business website if you do not have one of your own.


If they look up your business, they will find you on Facebook. What about those who don't know of your business yet?


Websites also offer so much more than just a Facebook page. They educate your potential customers/clients about you and your services on a direct level. They create validity in your business.


So, with that said, Facebook will continue to  make advancements in adding "business" features like shopping carts and so on. They will not however, take the place of internet marketing for businesses.


Everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie i.e. internet. Having a great, optimized, Search Engine compliant website is the only way to do it.


Call us today 405.440.3470 or visit www.thinkbiginokc.com to find out how!


Continuing to THINK BIG for over 19 years!


Nichol Vagrosky

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Many businesses have jumped on the bandwagon and participate in Google AdWords for first page ranking and to have their businesses listed. 

We love Google AdWords. Especially when it is managed properly and is optimized to the highest degree so you get MORE clicks for LESS money. 
How do we guarantee that here at NV Design and Marketing? Because we can say with confidence that we are Google AdWord experts. We've been doing it for a long while now and what sets us apart from other SEO firms, is that we stay abreast of all of the education and current changes and updates from Google. We have read an update release and book on the latest White Hat rules and the following week, the book was deemed obsolete. 
That is how quickly the rules are changing. As a matter of fact, Google states that they change the algorithm every 15 minutes. 
We had a national account who was spending over $100,000.00 a year with Google. They had the typical situation with a business participating in Google AdWords.. They entered their keywords and wrote a check. 
There is so much more to having a successful account than that scenario. 
Their clicks went from up to $12.00 a click to $.75 a click and as I stated, this is a national account competing with the big boys... We keep them on the first page and in top positions with PPC (Pay Per Click) ad campaigns. 
How did we do this? 
We can't give away all of our secrets but we will give you a few hints...
After researching data for almost a year, we found that they were being found for very common and competitive keywords. Why would they want to be found for keywords and better yet, pay for those non-relative clicks? 
We prevent that scenario by adding a thing called "negative keywords" in their Google AdWords account. No longer do we have to pay for those "finds". 
Another important factor is that you research every single day the trending keywords for that day. Sound like a lot of work? It is..
When you have other firms promising you a whole five hours a month, you must understand that it takes up to five hours a day per account. To be effective, to be found and to stay within a budget. 
Call us today to ask us any questions regarding AdWords. It is not necessary to simply pay Google what they are asking for top-positioning. There is a method and a strategy to this ever-changing platform.
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So, without sounding like the typical high pressure, hard-selling ad agency sales person, I have to ask an important question. We ask this question to every business or individual we encounter.


The prevalent answer is usually, "Not really...". "We just threw something together." "My brother or sister designed this business card or logo for me."

For over 17 years now, I've worked with every kind of company you can imagine! I can honestly say that if I were discerning a percentage of clients who were happy with their branding before we encountered them, it would seriously be around 90% or higher who just settled for whatever...

Whatever is NOT good enough! With that said, as business owners, our image should be everything! We are screaming to the world.. "LOOK AT ME!" and yet that's what you give them to look at?

Without bringing our pom poms to work on a daily basis (figuratively speaking), we kind of do! We, as a design firm, want our clients to be elated, ecstatic and just darn excited about the cards they are handing out, the logo that graces those cards, their signage and their overall, collective presence!

(Not these types of Pom Poms ;) 
When we hand out our business collateral, whether our business cards, our brochures or printing items, we are more than proud and we stand Tall and Proud! Not too tall.. I'm 5'3" but ALWAYS proud! 
If you take anything from this blog... Please absorb this... Your business image is everything if you are serious about your business. We all have more than enough competition in our chosen careers so why not stand out? 

If you are ready to stand out with a polished and powerful presence, call us TODAY!


or visit


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Why content is so very important for your ranking on Google. 

Who ever thought that we would have to watch our P's and Q's to clearly be "found" on the world's largest directory listing? The World Wide Web. 

In hindsight, we, as business owners, thought we had to advertise and market in the yellow pages, radio or television to have a presence at all. Times have changed and our mind sets better go with the flow before we are swimming upstream. 

In providing SEO services to our clients, we have found what works and what clearly does not! 

What works:

Good content, first and foremost. After all, Google was created to be the information directory of the world. It wasn't meant for us to have perpetual sword fights for top ranking. It was meant to be the library you no longer have to carry a card for. 

Hard work. Google doesn't like cheating to get to the top. It doesn't work in any other area of our lives and it certainly doesn't work for complying with their more than "high" standard for advantageous SERP's. If you have high ranking, or even competitive ranking, you've worked for it and you will continue to have to work for it. 

Consistent efforts. SEO is a daily task. If a firm's Scope of Services includes a whole whopping 5-10 hours a month, you better run! Effective SEO takes hours a day. For ONE client and we are NOT kidding. Your competitor's are implementing their own SEO and it's a race to the TOP every day. 

What doesn't work:

Cheating. What is cheating? Buying a plethora of non-important, unhealthy and irrelevant back links to your website. Think about it. If you are found on a travel site and you sell tires, your relevance loses quality in Google's eyes. 

Keyword stuffing. What does this mean? Especially since keywords or metatags do not matter any longer in the ever-changing world of Google. Content does matter however. Therefore, NO keyword "content" stuffing. Repetitive use of targeted keywords without important dialogue to your potential consumers, is a bunch of rambling. Don't ramble. Eloquently write and describe your product or service and capture their attention. That is what they want. To find what they are looking for!

Writing large checks for AdWords. Google Adwords is great to position yourself in a competitive market. How long can you write the bigger check though? Organic is MOST important in the long run. Get there and stay there without paying for it. It takes time so be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day! 

And please... Don't hire a SEO firm because they are the cheapest and make HUGE promises. No one can promise first page ranking. It's hit or miss but utilizing fair and honest efforts will ensure that you HIT more often than not.  

Have SEO questions? Call us TODAY at 405.600. 4221 or visit www.thinkbiginokc.com and we will do an analysis of your site and your ranking... Even if you don't hire us, we can show you where your site falls short. 




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Garbage in. Garbage Out.
By Nichol Vagrosky
Remember when your parents or mentor, in my case, used to say “Garbage In, Garbage Out”? 
I was glad I listened to those words of wisdom as a young woman because they are the timeless words that will hold strong and true until the end of time. 
Things and trends may change, but good, pertinent information that will allow you and encourage you to grow will NEVER change and it can NEVER be taken away from you. 

With that said, what kind of information are you giving out to your potential customers, clients or groups of followers? Is it life changing? Is it pertinent to their lives? Is it relative? Will it stick? Will it change them? 
If you are merely throwing out information for the sake of throwing something out… Why don’t you try throwing out some old jeans that don’t fit you anymore and most likely, might not again… 
We, as in people, are sponges….. Not the kind that take from people….. But the kind that really take from people... In addition, forums, websites and social media… We absorb what is given to us via the realm of ever-changing, over-populated, fiercely competitive media including, but not limited to websites and blogs. 
Google, the almighty judge and jury of internet content, insists that we give good, relative and empowering information to our followers and our visitors.. If we don’t, we are running up a mountain that is slippery and we will not get to the top. 
We encourage you, as a company, as an individual to give your BEST! Give out the information you would want to read yourself! We have a small window and one chance to make a first impression. Make the BEST impression you can make and call us TODAY so we can ensure that you do so! 
Award-Winning, motivating, awesome web design and graphic design is the key. We offer all of the above! 
Visit www.thinkbiginokc.com for further information! 
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Google Penalties and What To Do if You've Been Penalized.
By Nichol Vagrosky
Since 2000 Google has been changing its ranking algorithms. 
Why do they constantly change their algorithms? Google really only wants good content. From the beginning, they simply wanted to provide good, pertinent information to consumers. The Google platform and model was not meant for advertisers to compete in writing the largest checks to appear on page one. But why not capitalize on a no brainer residual money maker?
With that said, Google STILL wants good content and information to be shared with searchers. So... they make us work for it and work hard at that. 
Over the next decade, Google continued to refine the quality of its search results. Over time,  they began to eliminate poor quality content and creatively advance the good stuff to the top of the SERPs. That’s where these un-welcomed penalties come in. 
Remember... if you eliminate important steps to follow Google’s guidelines, you could be penalized. In next week’s blog, we will discuss what the top 10 NO NO’ are for developing a website. 
As a diligent SEO firm, we have seen it all. From the easy link buying that bought high ranking on Google to the stringent rules we must follow in order to place in this competitive race to the top. 
What happens when you’ve been penalized and how will you know? 
If you notice through Analytics that you’re organic placement has dropped considerably and NOT over time, you’ve most likely been penalized. 
You can type site:yoursite.com (replace with your domain) to find out if you are successfully indexed with Google. If not, you may have received a manual penalty. 
Track your back-links in your Google WebMaster account to see who back links to your domain. If you see a bunch of spam or unethical sites linked back to yours, it is time to take action to get those removed. 
How do we remove bad back-links? 
First, determine which links are “bad”...
Then, with due diligence, ask these domains to remove your site from their website. You must be persistent in this effort as Google will want to see your efforts. 
There is a very important but risky tool you can use and you must use it with caution. The Disavow Tool in Google WebMasters. Even Matt Cutts will tell you that this should be your LAST resort.  Read more here... 
Using this tool requires a text file to be compiled of all URL’s that need to be removed.Here are a few tips on this collection of data. 
Disavow is a very lengthy process and there is no guarantee that it will work. Some say they see results in this clean-up in a few months and some say they never see any results at all. 
Bottom line... Do not buy links from any company or source. Earn them. Ask for them. 
Stay aware of back-links to your website. This is your name, your company and your online presence.. It’s extremely important to be aware. 

Whatever you do, do NOT do a re-direct to a new domain and think that you can hide. It doesn't work that way. Your penalty and everything bad attached to your website will follow you.  
Take the time to invest in correct SEO. It will pay off and be worth it. Hard work yields a fabulous reward at the end of the day!
For more information or to implement your successful SEO campaign, call us today or visit www.nvdesignandmarketing.com


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As a full-service creative firm, we have been designing logos for over 19 years. Much of the time, our clients already have an idea of what they want, even though sometimes those ideas are NOT what is best for them. 

We will usually do the logo design their way and then we will present the logo how we envision it created for the best interest of their business. Most of the time, they choose our design over what they had envisioned. 

Color is so very important! It should be the first and foremost factor in your marketing and how you brand your business. We chose red and black in our logo and have never veered from this color combination. We chose it because red and black are powerful and bold and therefore, our collateral is powerful and bold as well. 

For the effects and emotion-driven influence that your logo has on consumers, you must think of how the color of your logo makes them feel. 

We’ve had dentists or endodontists come to us and want red in their logo. We were not excited about that request because what does red represent in that particular field? BLOOD! FEAR! So, we advise against that color for them. 

We’ve done work for spas over the years and have leaned on using soft colors that are soothing like mint, blues and whites. NO RED for them either! 

The color combination that is most used and in my opinion, over-used is red, white and blue. It’s great to be patriotic but it just might not fit for your business. 

Golds, silvers and black combinations are usually used for regal logos and represent wealth and elegance. 

Psychologists have studied how people are affected by colors over years and found a strong correlation between colors and emotional responses. This correlation further driving home the point that choosing the right color is crucial in determining how your brand is viewed.

Here is a little cheat sheet for you:

Yellow/Gold- relates to optimism and warmth

Orange- relates to cheerful and fresh

Red- relates to bold and powerful

Purples - relates to imaginative, playful and sometimes even wise

Blues - relates to dependable, strong and clean/fresh

Greens - relates to peacefulness, clean, health and growth

Greys -relates to calming, balanced and are very neutral in its’ use. 

How does your logo make people feel? If it’s time for a makeover, call us TODAY! Award-winning graphic design is our speciality! 

 Call 405.440.3470  or visit us at www.nvdesignandmarketing.com




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This will most definitely be one of my favorite blogs to write. Why, you ask? Because it can and WILL keep you out of legal trouble if you follow these simple rules...

When a client comes to us and hires us to develop their website, we have a check list of things we MUST implement to ensure that we deliver a wonderful product. But wonderful, is just not enough! Legal, is the big kicker when it comes to web design. 

You ask... How can my website be illegal? And who's fault will it be if these steps are not taken to ensure legality... It will be YOUR fault. So here goes...

First of all, make sure your content is YOURS. No copying. No plagiarism! If you are found to have copied or plagiarized content, you could be sued by the original content creator. Not good. If your website developer comes up with the content for you, check out their copy at www.dustball.com to see if any part of it has been copied. This is very important! 

Second, where do your images come from? It is NOT okay to copy and paste images from Google. If you do that, you will be sued or fined for thousands of dollars! Ask your developer where they get their images and if they own them. There are many stock photography websites to choose from and although you must pay a price to do so, it will save you in the long-run in not being sued. 

Next, do you collect data in any form or fashion from your website? Do you have submission or contact forms? If  you do, and even if you don't, it is better to be safe and not sorry by providing a privacy policy stating your intentions in collecting this data. You can put all kinds of precautions in your privacy policy but just put them in one! Create a published link to it so the public can read it at any time. Ask your developer to include this necessary document in your web development. 

Furthermore, and one of the most aggravating scenarios that we run into... Do you own your domain? How do you know? Go to WHOIS.com and type in your domain. You should be the registrant and owner of said domain. Your developer should be a contact or technical contact. Don't fall into the trap of your designer/developer owning your website and holding it hostage if you should choose to go a different direction. You would have to start over with another company and pay once again. 

Phonebook advertising is notorious for this "trapping"... If you cancel your yellow page advertising, they own your domain and you have to go through hoops that are arduous to get your domain back, if you even get it back at all! 

So, don't copy content (EVER), own your images, provide a privacy policy, and own your domain... Four simple rules to staying safe with your new website! CALL NV Design and Marketing TODAY if you have any questions at all or visit www.thinkbiginokc.com! 


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Lately, I have been finding that when we log into our client’s Godaddy account’s to begin our web development, they have purchased a ton of domains. One of our clients has had up to 100 different domains! 

 The logic of doing such was once very viable but since Google changes the way they look at domains and everything else, for that matter, having multiple domains is simply a waste of money. 

Google looks at Primary Domains. Even when you do redirects, it is wise to not do more than two. What is a redirect? A redirect is when your website is a certain URL and when clicked, it takes you to another URL with the same website content. It is duplicating content using two names. 

Google used to consider these sites two different sites, but not anymore. 

It also doesn’t help your SEO to have multiple domains. Stick with one and work on it. Daily. Hourly. Constantly. Google will ignore all redirects. 

A great way to direct users to a certain page on your website is something called a destination URL. If you website, for instance is promoting printing and it is a site that offers many services,  you may want it to go straight to the printing page. Especially if you are using Google AdWords and advertising printing. 

Then your searcher would land on www.thinkbiginokc.com/printing-services  instead of just www.thinkbiginokc.com

That takes the searching out of the equation although your site should be user-friendly enough for them to easily find what they are looking for. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION, call us TODAY at 405.600.4221 or visit NV Design and Marketing at www.thinkbiginokc.com! 


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