Did you know that more than 27% of a person's time is spent on social media these days? Wow. Who would have ever thought? We all say we are so busy and then statistics give us numbers such as this. Did you know that 93% of businesses rely on social media for their advertising and actually lower their fiduciary budget for marketing due to the success they have on social media. 

These are astounding numbers and they are correct. The world is driven by information and we see up to 3,000 visual images a day with messages that are supposed to catch our eye and even better, keep our attention. 

Does your Social Media information and marketing keep people's attention? What is your engagement and are you tracking your success with Social Media? We track more than just the visitors and likes. We monitor the data from location, to time spent on your advertisements and so much more. This data is extremely important, as your campaign can be tweaked and changed if it is not working for you. But how will you know? 

Is your phone ringing? Again, successful Social Media is not about how many likes you get. 

Social Media does not only involve Facebook as well. With a growing surge of new mediums such as Pinterest, Vine, Instagram and Google Plus, there is much to keep up with and it all must hold continuity to be effective. 

Some interesting statistics:


  • 67 percent of people online use Facebook, making it the top social network clearly thus far. (As of January 2014)

  • Facebook users are 60 percent female (Imagine that...)

  • The average Twitter user is a 28-year-old woman 

  • Instagram users are most likely to be between 18 to 29 (Visual ads are key) 

  • Pinterest skews heavily female, with 80 percent of users being women

  • Pinterest attracts women with more education and higher income 

When planning a Social Media strategy, think about your customer by organizing and outlining their likely propensity to purchase your product or service. Overall lifestyle is very important and adding value to their life is even more important and strategic. 

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